The Horse and
Rider, Inc.

The following is our tentative Sedgefield Show schedule for 2016:

Sedgefield 2016 Show Schedule:

March 5th - March 6th: "C" Show
March 26th - March 27th: "C" Show
April 29th - May 1st: "C" Show
May 5th - May 8th: "A" Show
May 27th - May 29th: "C" Show
June 18th - June 19th: "C" Show
July 15th - July 17th: "C" Show
August 19th - August 21st: "C" Show
September 1st - September 4th: "A" Show
September 24th - September 25th: "C" Show
October 15th - October 16th: "C" Show
October 28th - October 30th: "C" Show

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