The Horse and
Rider, Inc.

Mobile Tack Trailer

In addition to the store on West Market St., Horse and Rider has a Mobile Tack Trailer that goes to shows in our area. If you frequent the Sedgefield Showgrounds, you've probably seen us. We love going to horse shows and if you have any suggestions for additional shows that you would like us to attend, please let us know!

The following is our tentative Sedgefield Show schedule for 2016:

Sedgefield 2016 Show Schedule:

March 5th - March 6th: "C" Show
March 26th - March 27th: "C" Show
April 29th - May 1st: "C" Show
May 5th - May 8th: "A" Show
May 27th - May 29th: "C" Show
June 18th - June 19th: "C" Show
July 15th - July 17th: "C" Show
August 19th - August 21st: "C" Show
September 1st - September 4th: "A" Show
September 24th - September 25th: "C" Show
October 15th - October 16th: "C" Show
October 28th - October 30th: "C" Show

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